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Free Winemaker Tasting - Byron Kosuge Wines
Wednesday, November 19th
5:30 - 7:00

We are really excited to be hosting one of our favorite California winemakers for a special tasting tonight - Byron Kosuge. We've hosted Bryon for a fantastic tastings several times over the years, as many of you may remember. He is a Pinot Noir specialist, but don't tell that to his delicious Chardonnay! A lifetime Californian, Byron has seen 22 vintages in the wine business, and you could say the vines are in his blood - his father is a professor of plant pathology at UC Davis. He had his first experience as an intern at Sonoma-Cutrer in 1983, but really got going when he started work at Saintsbury in 1987. Over the years, as Byron moved up the chain at Saintsbury, his passion for Pinot Noir grew and grew. His first vintage from his namesake project was released in 2006, and it has been onward and upward since then. We love having Byron's wines on the shelf, but they usually don't last long and there is not a lot of them, so come check out the tasting and pick some up while the getting is good!

2012 Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast
2012 Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast
2012 'The Shop' Pinot Noir, Carneros
2012 'The Habitat' Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast 

Beaujolais Nouveau Tasting
All Day Thursday, November 20th

And so here we are, Just over one week out from Thanksgiving, and many wine fans know that means that tomorrow is Beaujolais Nouveau day at fine wine establishments all around the globe. We've got five different Nouveau this year to select from, and we would love to raise a glass to toast the season with you! All day tomorrow we will have all five of our Beaujolais Nouveau offerings open for you to sample! Come by and pick a favorite, or two, or five....

Beaujolais Nouveau

The third Thursday in November is the date for a wine phenomenon each and every year. "Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!" marks the worldwide marketing campaign for this unlikely wine. What is Beaujolais Nouveau and how did we get here? Under the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wine regulations of France, wine released in the year the grapes were harvested must be labeled nouveau or vin (de) primeur. Each AOC will determine the specific dates the wine may be released. These wines are fruity wines that have just barely made the change from grape juice to wine. They are made quickly, barely allowing time for the grapes to ferment. One of the most important reasons for making such a wine is as a celebration of the harvest, and a chance for an early insight into the quality of the harvest. Although there are over 50 AOC nouveau wines produced, by far, the most famous is Beaujolais Nouveau. This is a young wine (only 6 weeks old), grown from the Gamay grape, and is very fruity, light-bodied, and virtually tannin-free making for an extremely easy-to-drink red wine. Many think it is best served lightly chilled to really bring the fruit forward and is a popular complement to Thanksgiving dinners, due both to its annual release date and its food-friendliness. Beaujolais Nouveau starts when grapes are harvested by hand, but then they do not go through the typical fermentation process. Rather, they go through a carbonic maceration. Instead of crushing the grapes and allowing the juice to ferment, carbonic maceration allows the whole grapes to ferment. The grapes are put into a vessel and the weight of the grapes will crush some of the bottom grapes which begin to ferment. The remainder of the juice still inside the uncrushed grapes will also ferment. The wine is pasteurized to prevent secondary malolactic fermentation. The whole process can be accomplished in about six weeks. This type of fermentation can produce a drinkable wine more quickly, although the wine will never be great or one capable of aging. Most Beaujolais Nouveau is recommended to be consumed within one year of its release.

FREE - All Day 11/20/14


Authentique Vin Wine Dinner - Nana's Restaurant
Tuesday, December 9th

Reception at 7:00; Dinner at 7:30

Full Details coming, but we are thrilled to finish the year at Nana's with a dinner featuring Thomas Meunier, our favorite French importer. Check back for more info soon!

$55.00 Per Person plus Tax and Tip

Please call Nana's at 493-8545 for Reservations 

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